Natural Products Expo West

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I worked at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA.

I am a brand ambassador for Aqua Hydrate so I was there to help promote their product!  As some of you may know, Mark Wahlberg is part owner of Aqua Hydrate and on Friday he stopped by to check it out!

Also, while I was on my lunch break I was able to snag a few great goodies as well!!  Here are some of the things I got!  I think I have enough popcorn in different forms to last me the next year lol!!

Congratulations Leo!!

February 28, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Oscar!! Congrats Leo! You definitely deserved it!!

I had so much fun watching the Oscars tonight with my amazing friends Tifani Ciotti, Katie Joyce and Stefani Ciotti! We had our own Oscars party and it was a PAJAMA party!! We played board games and were all cozy! Such a fun way to watch the Oscars!

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