2016 Local Hooters Bikini Contests

For the last few weeks I have been competing at the local West Coast Hooters Bikini Contests!  I have competed in six so far including Costa Mesa, Anaheim, West Covina, Ontario, Riverside and my home store Burbank!  I have placed top 10 in all of them so far and placed First at the West Covina and Burbank contests!!  I have had a blast so far and still have 4 more to go!  Hollywood is tomorrow, Wednesday, then next week are the last three, Downtown Los Angeles, South Gate and Long beach!  Here are some pictures from the first six!  I will update on the other four once they happen!:)  The pictures are a bit out of order lol! But each contest had a theme round and a bikini round! So that explains some of the outfits:)

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